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Flip flow screen application in Coal Preparation

Oct 24, 2016

Compared with the traditional vibration sieve, great advantages have been showed in flip flow screen in coal preparation industry, including the enhancement of vibration strength, the function of automatic cleaning, hard blockage of the mesh, etc.

flip flow screen

Flip flow screen, which is in the forefront of the domestic counterparts, has been comprehensive application in Coal Preparation. The application practice and effect of flip flow screen on raw coal screening, desliming before lump and slack coal separation, dehydration and sculping of slack coal are comprehensively introduced. The undersize fraction and the oversize fraction are simultaneously decreased because of the application of flip flow screen on raw coal screening.

Due to application of flip flow screen on the desliming before lump and slack coal separation, the amount of coal slime in lump coal system is reduced by 75%, and the slack coal recovery was increased from 60%~65% to 70%~75% meanwhile the reagent dosage is reduced nearly 70%. The application has brought huge economic benefits and reduced the labor intensity.

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