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The Structure and Working Principle of Flip-flow Screen

Nov 18, 2016

Flip-flow screen is a new type of screening machine developed at the early stage of the 1980s and it is a screen that makes use of the relaxation movement of the elastic screen area installed on the tilted screen box to throw and cast the materials. Its main features include improved screening efficiency, big processing amount, small live load, low energy consumption and low noise, so that it has pretty wide application. This paper mainly introduces its structure and working principle.

flip flow screen

A flip-flow screen is a double-plastid vibrating screen system with polyurethane rubber screen area. Any two adjacent beams supporting the screen area separately belong to two vibrating plastids, one is the screen box, and the other is the balance weight. In the working process, the screen net alternately tenses and relaxes, making the materials to move and bounce forward, which can prevent the materials from sticking onto the screen net and blocking the screen hole. When the two plastids vibrate with a two-phase difference, any two adjacent beams will move close to and away from each other every now and then, consequently the elastic spring area will respectively tense and relax. In other words, the screen area does the translational motion along with the screen box, and at the same time, moves relatively to the screen box. This kind of tension and relaxation movement not only constantly makes the screen holes to transform, but greatly increases the vibrating strength of the screen area, thus effectively avoid the blockage of the screen holes and significantly improving the processing capacity of the screen machine. The vibrating strength of the screen box is not high, so that it is very easy to ensure the mechanical strength of the machine. However, the screen area has big vibrating strength and is easy to repeatedly transform, so that the service life of the screen area is short.

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